05 June 2011

visual artist and poet too!

I was in a writing workshop today with the wonderful Reisha Holton at ArtEAST and wrote this

Lumpyhead, Go to Bed

Pajamas, hot milk, warm comforter, cool sheets,
soft pillows and stars.
Put the day away,
put aside your worries,
put down your work.
Stretch into your slumber.
Move out of yourself,
let dreams take over.
Work out your problems in the dark.

Pajamas, tensions, difficulties, pain.
Don't hold on so tight.
Let go in this night.
Find freedom in sleeping,
find yourself dreaming,
find what you're needing.
Wait for answers or questions,
just jump into bed.

Pajamas, restlessness, tiredness, heaviness.
Learn from yourself,
you know what you need.
Let your mind look for answers.
Stop seeing,
stop hearing,
stop feeling so much.
Drop all your thoughts now and just
roll to sleep.
Pajamas, peace, quiet and dark.

01 December 2009


This is a link to a show that my friend Shaun Doll hung in his wonderful studio Northwest Encaustics. The show is called biomimicry and it hung for November '09 . The work was developed for this show to explore a single image. This work is large scale with sheet sizes of mostly 22"x30" print paper. Here's one of the smaller images
please visit the online gallery to see more of the show.

31 March 2009

my work is in these spring shows
  • april 24 & 25 Roslyn Artwalk
  • may 8 & 9 Luscious Skin Spa 6419 Phinney Avenue North, Seattle, Part of the Greenwood Artwalk
  • may 7 -30 Pratt Studio Renters Show @ Toshiro Kaplan, 3rd & Washington, Seattle. Reception 1st Thursday may 7
  • NEW SHOW - Fremont First Friday may 1 Fremont Abbey, http://fremontabbey.org/ I'm honored to be part of the Fremont Village Artwalk. You can go home again.

And some other shows are in the works for August. Follow my blog for updates.

3 long panels

done in series, these three prints are 11"x 25" images size

hammered vol. 1-4

An unique monoprint accordian book with stitched detail and hammered wire clasp Dimensions closed 6" x 10" From a set of four

24 March 2009


Dimension 14" x 20" framed

11 March 2009

Cold Dawn


Beautiful images in contraposition on a single sheet.Framed size approx 14" x 18"

Watershed moment

In the suburbs, wilderness and minimalls live side by side. The watershed is down the street with ponds and forest . Dimensions 11"x 14" framed

solace III

Dimensions 11"x 14" framed


What came first, the artist or the art? Dimensions 11"x 14" framed


From a series that explores creation. Dimensions 11"x 14" framed

05 March 2009


This print, Fragmentation, reflects that intersection and dichotomy where the suburbs run right into the watershed and bears and coyote are outside the fence. Dimensions 22"x30"


Displayed in Port Townsend fall 2008. Dimensions 11"x 14" framed

the story of [my] life

in this book titled the story of [my] life, I "wrote" one chapter a day for a week. From original monoprints

Art not Fear - Fear not Art

Art not Fear - Fear not Art
the hidden things that lie beneath our pretty facade are the topic of this book

measured response

Displayed @ Toshiro Kaplan Pratt Gallery May 2009. Measured response is a book about relationships, group inclusion and individuality.